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How a Fat Guy Shops at Macy's

Posted Aug 23 2009 10:02pm

I received a $200 gift card for Macy's that I've been holding on to for a couple of months until last night, when I finally spent a little time shopping for myself. There were a lot of half-off deals on clothing so my plan was to stock up on some new outfits. While I have a dozen pairs of pants hanging in my closet I've been reduced to wearing the last two that fit. When I had some weight loss success earlier I donated all of my "fat pants" thinking I wasn't going to be needing them again.


So I figured I'd be able to load up cheaply on some good quality clothing. I grew up shopping at Dayton's, which in some convoluted way that I can't remember is now effectively Macy's, and it was always a treat to buy clothing there. So I was excited, or at least excited as a normal guy can be, to load up on some good clothing to round out my wardrobe while I wait for whatever motivation I need to try to lose weight again.

As I started to browse the racks of the Men Store at Macy's I started to realize a problem – there were hardly any size XL anything, only a smattering of XXL and forget about finding any XXXL, the size that I really need. I can fit into most XXLs but the problem comes after washing where all it takes is a little shrinkage and my Polo Ralph Lauren shirt would become a rag.

I took a look at the dress shirts where I require a 19/34/35 – only to find that their largest size was 18.5/34/35. So close but that extra half inch makes all the difference.

Not wanting to take a chance on some shirts that wouldn't quite fit I started looking at pants. They had a ton of pants on sale at great prices, but after trying a few pair on I was bummed to see that I was going to need a 42/30 size and there wasn't a pair I tried on that I liked. For one thing almost everything had front pleats, and I've learned that is just not a look a fat guy should be going with.

In the end my trip to the Men's Store at Macy's netted me a new belt and some socks.

So what does a fat guy do? Off to the kitchen store where I bought an All-Clad Stainless 11" French Skillet (darn, I just noticed it is $10 cheaper on Amazon) and a Wusthof Trident Classic 5" Tomato Knife ($20 cheaper at Amazon, drat!).

I rounded out my shopping buying a memory foam pillow that I am hoping will aid my sleeping with the CPAP machine I've been struggling to use (another post for later there).

So that's how a fat guy blows $200 on clothes at Macy's – a belt, socks and some other non-clothes stuff. So many nice looking clothes I couldn't even try on. Really depressing. Almost depressing enough to do something about it. I hope.

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Post from: John Is Fit - Personal Weight Loss Blog

How a Fat Guy Shops at Macy's

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