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House guest leftovers

Posted by Lara I.

So, we're all been there...guests for a few days, and you stock up on all kinds of foods. They leave, and you are left with the extra pounds from eating all weekend, PLUS all of the leftovers. This just happened to me. I want to go on a diet now, but I've got a lot of food still to finish before it goes bad. What do you do to beat the post-house guest weight blues?
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1. Freeze leftovers in regular meal sized portions for later use.

2. Call all your friends and have a dinner party so they can help you eat them.

3.Put it on the compost heap. Better there than on your hips.

4.Next time they come plan a menu, post it and just buy what's on it. If they want something else you can go out to eat and won't be stuck with it at home.

I live in North East PA in a woodsy area, I feed the animals the birds love everything,
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