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Hot Yoga Mamas

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
Hot Yoga was awesome! We all loved it! It was Bionic, Lynn, Lesley and I am we tried the one at Breathing Spaces Yoga Studio. None of us knew what to expect. I was prepared with a zillion towels, facecloths, change of clothes, toiletries etc., but it wasn't nearly as hot as I had anticipated. I sweat, but I thought I was going to be coming out of there a dripping mess. Not so. It was perfect actually. I felt my heart pumping just the right amount to feel like I was working pretty hard, but not out of breath.

Let me tell you, my legs are SORE now. I worked them more than they have been worked in a WHILE! Yoga is so decieving in that regard. You get into it what you put out of it that's for sure. I was so happy that Lynn enjoyed it too, because it was one of her first experiences in a yoga class. We were all "newbies" pretty much and the instructor was pretty good at being descriptive and she would walk around and help with corrections if we needed them without really drawing any attention to you.

I was really "iffy" about being able to handle it. I felt a bit better this morning, but about an hour before it was time to go or so, I started getting that icky nautious feeling again. I decided to tough it out and go anyways because maybe I could "sweat it out." I had no problem during the class and in fact, I felt better during the class than I did before or after. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow because it's not normal to be sick for 8 weeks or more. Booooo.

Today's eats unfortunately were not photographed beyong my brunch this morning. I had a little chocolate from the yoga studio, an apple on the way to MIL's house and then I had lasagne and garlic bread for supper. I was starving by the time I got there. I ate more than I should that's for sure, but I gotta tell ya, it was just what I needed. Tomorrow's WI will not be my friend, but it is what it is!
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