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Hoodia Gordonii: Appetite Suppressant From The Nature

Posted May 13 2009 10:40pm

You don’t believe in artificial things and need natural appetite suppressant? Well, hoodia appetite suppressant, is here to help you reduce your extra weight. Hoodia gordonii, the most novel finding to reduce your appetite is a cactus species, that grows in the desrt of South Africa.

In 1937, a Dutch anthropologist observed that the native Bushmen were chewing some shrub during the long hours of working to control their appetite. South African public laboratory Center for Scientific and Industrial Research studied the plant and in 1995 patented the active substance, known as the p57.

What is the mechanism of reducing food cravings? Well, despite intensive studies by several pharmaceutical giants, it is not yet clear how Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant. There is no substantial evidence regarding the mechanism of action of Hoodia gordonii. However, in a study involving rats, the active ingredient p57 was injected directly into the brain. Later it was found that the treated rats were reduced their food intake termendously.

The experiment definitely proved that Hoodia can act as herbal appetite suppressant, but it did not clearly delineate the mechanism by which Hoodia acted. And injection to the brain is not just right for a human being.

That is why studies with healthy volunteers have been performed. They have been separeted in two groups. Volunteers from first group have been given pure hoodia extract, the other group was taking placebo.

The results from the experiment showed that the volunteers, that were taking hoodia, reduced theyr calorie intake by up to 1500 calories. This clearly shows that Hoodia Gordonii has huge appetite suprpessing potential

Hoodia is a natural compound for suppressing appetite, unlike those crappy synthetic chemical that surely leave some side effects. So far, no undesired side effects from Hoodia use were reported.

Hoodia is highly active in extract form. You can feel your hunger fading off within minutes after taking the extract.

Although Hoodia is marketed both in the ‘pill’ form and extract form, both has shown quicker result. Oral bioavailability of Hoodia is almost 90-95%. It is safe for old age group.

The safety profile has not been established for the pregnant and the lactating mother. It is better to avoid in diabetic patients also.

Hoodia as appetite suppressant is has became one of the most used weight loss supplements. If you are need to lose some pounds in a safe and natural way, Hoodia gordonii is your choice.

When taking hoodia, read labels carefully and talk to your doctor. Be aware that natural supplements don’t have to meet the strict standards as are prescription and over-the-counter medications. So people who create and sell them can make health claims without even offering you high quality product.

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