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Honestly... How much TV do you watch?

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:17pm

Weekly Question OK, I admit it. I'm a pop-culture-a-holic. I used to be a lot worse BEFORE the toddler but still I like keeping up with new music, I love movies, I read blogs, I have an iPod, and a MAC, advertising intrigues me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE discussing the latest TV shows around the water cooler.

Who doesn't? It's TV!

It's the quintessential form of home entertainment, movies, comedies, dramas, educational shows, music, you name it and the magic box delivers it to your living room.

The problem? Well, it's normally a passive activity (technically... it can also deliver workouts ;~)

I used to turn on the TV first thing in the morning and go to bed with the sleep timer on. The husband and I would eat with the television blaring behind us. Even if I was reading it was on. It was such a unconscious habit.

Then I had the toddler (Boy, he is AWFULLY responsible for making me who I am today.) I knew very early I didn't want him to watch TV all the time. I didn't want an infant in the bouncer being mesmerized by the glowing screen in the living room. I wanted him to be aware of his surroundings and watch human interactions, learn to listen and appreciate... silence.

So I turned it off.

That's right, I got up and hit the power button. Seems like such a simple event but it was a huge leap towards making me a more productive, active human being.

I replaced the TV with music. Saturday morning I'd BLAST the iPod and dance with my baby. He's sit on the floor interacting with his toys while listening to music and I, well I was moving around the house. MOVING. Getting things accomplished that have been piling up, making dinner, dancing around. I was no longer bound to the couch, unable to move until a commercial interruption.

It was FANTASTIC! Who knew!

Now, I'm not going to climb up my gigantic soapbox and declare that TV is evil and we should all ban it from our households. I still love TV, I can't miss Lost, or the Next Food Network Star. I am waiting patiently for the The Closure to return and I was ecstatic when Dexter came to cable. I do watch TV.

What I don't do it watch frivolous TV that is filler and a distraction to my day. I DO NOT turn on the television first thing in the morning and I play the radio every chance I get. And honestly, it's amazing how much more I 'move' because of it.

So this week I ask, Honestly...

How much TV do you watch?

Really think about it. Are there times you can turn it off and do something else. I really believe there is something to the old adage of Move More and Eat Less . Not that weight loss and healthier living is that easy but every little bit helps.

I wonder how many calories I burned yesterday after dinner, dancing and getting chased around the living room by the toddler...

This would have never happened if we put the TV on instead of the iPod. It's as simple as that.

Notes about this post...

  • I didn't mean to be so preachy, just sharing my perspective.
  • I've been meaning to write a post about things to do instead of watching TV for like 3 weeks now but couldn't seem to find the time while being engrossed by the food network.
  • MizFit's recent post about childhood obesity inspired me to write this weeks question as I think turning the TV off is a very easy thing to do to help our kids.

OH! and if you are wondering, when I do the Math....

I still watch too much TV a day, normally between the hours of 7PM – Midnight. An hour with the toddler before his bed time then while working on my projects. I'd probably be much more productive if I shut it off, but it's my way to work and relax at the same time. Plus I have to stay up on my pop culture!

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