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Home Exercise Cardio Without Equipment: Does A Bodyweight Workout Work?

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
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I’ve been getting some great questions on the forum over at Home Workout Exercises and people are wanting to know my biggest and best weight loss tips to ensure their fat loss results are on the right path.

Anyway, seeing as this new site has kicked into gear and things are getting busy over on the forum, I’ve decided that the Home Exercise forum will be the only place that I will answer anyone’s quesitons regarding fat loss or exercise from now. Unless you’re a client and you’re either doing face to face or online training with me.

Membership is free so you’re not getting a sales pitch.

Anyway, one of the members had a great question that went along these lines:

How can I get a cardio workout in at home without a treadmill or other expensive equipment?

Easy. My answer is here.

Without a doubt, my favourite cardio exercises using only bodyweight exercises are:

* Up Downs

* Burpees

* Plyometric Jumps

* Body Blasts

* Step ups if you have a bench or step handy

* Box jumps if you have a step handy

Finally a great one I really like doing is virtual skipping.

This sounds silly, but is great if you don’t have a skipping rope available (or the space to skip) or just find it really hard to keep the momentum going without breaking the jump by tripping on the rope.

All you do is bounce up and down while moving your hands like you are skipping. This is so you get the little muscles in your shoulders really working too.

Give it a go. You’ll be surprised by how challenging they all are.

To see what others think check out the question thread on the forum and see their ideas.

I’d also love to hear your solutions down in the comments section below as well.

Also, later this week I’m going to be sharing one of my top secrets that I usually save for paying clients on how to get a great back and arm exercise even if you can’t lift your own body for a full complete chin up.

It even gets your heart rate up too despite how easy it may look.

Stay tuned for that one later this week. Make sure you bookmark this site and come and check back. I post 5 days a week.


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