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Home again home again....

Posted Jun 05 2009 12:00am
I am home! I have missed my own bed! I was so glad to sleep in it last night! Speaking of sleeping- have I mentioned yet how much better I am sleeping already? It is wild that just loosing the 50lbs has made such a change. I don't get hot at the drop of a hat anymore either! ALREADY!

I have not been as focused on my health and weight this past two weeks on the road. I walked a few times at my brother's but the rest of the time- not so much! It was too easy to grab some chips or a snack than eat real food, but I didn't stress it too much. I wish I had! I only lost like 3 lbs when I probably should have lost closer to 10! (Average 5 lbs a week and I was gone two weeks!)

Usually I post my Friday pictures with weigh in- and I had planned to today- but I left my camera at my sister's house in NY! UGH! (Jessica- send it back please! LOL) I will take some tomorrow- but it is more difficult to do with my big camera! I have plans for my friend Tera to do my photos again tomorrow- but it is supposed to rain all day- so we will see! :) :(

Today I got myself all refocused on the healthy lifestyle! I walked for an hour first thing this morning! Then after an early afternoon of pampering... I went to the grocery store and got a cart full of healthy foods- hummus and veggies and lots of things I can eat that are protien! No SNACKING! I found some mini- yogurts with fiber, some cottage cheese with cucumber and dill and some lunchable type "meals" that I can eat in two- three sittings.

I have been craving veggies- so tonight I had a squewer of veggies- and half a corn/bean veggie burger. It was yummy.

When I was back in Gloversville working last week- I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in years. It was nice to see them and catch up- but I can honestly say- I do not miss it one bit! one of the ladies I have known for years came up to me and just said how great I looked. That felt good! I thanked her and said- yeah I have been loosing weight... she was like- no it is more than that... you DO look great and thinner- but overall- just YOU, your person- looks great! You look happy and peaceful! Your face isn;t broken out- your smile is relaxed- you look awesome!

WOW- between the picture I posted below and actually more than one comment like that- it really makes me realize how sad and depressed I really was- and how amazing my life has gotten to be since I moved. I feel so blessed!
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