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Holistic Retreat- quick weight loss- miracle health

Posted Oct 02 2010 7:45pm

Hi everyone!


In sum, I had health issues my whole life, pre-diabetes, weight problems, back pain, leg pain, migraines, infections, indigestions, constant colds and bronchitis...


At the age of 18 i was 125, size 2-4 I was thin, but not healthy :( I went on to University   where I managed to gain a Law Degree, Master, Bar and a lovely 60 pounds of FAT.


Great! I was now a Size 14 with a great future, at a great job behind a desk to expand my knowledge, and my hips.


At one point, my mother called me at 7 am one morning following a great night at a restaurant to tell me : SARAH your problem is not that you are fat but that you don't care any more, you have lost control of your body and mind. Wake up...


I looked at my self in the mirror and realized. I was going to die young, unhealthy, sad and alone...


Then the Yo-yo game you all know started. From the cabbage soup diet, to south beach diet to a meat overdose with the Atkins diet, to the grapefruit juice diet, to Weight Watcher... I tried it all...


Being goal oriented I have always followed the diets rigorously until the lack of result or ever slower to come results pushed me away in another direction, to the search of health.


By the age of 25, I moved to Manhattan and a friend introduced me to a doctor specialized in the Blood type diet. I followed it and lost 20 pounds in 1 month!!!! Never gained it back.


But then... I was stuck at 165 and still unhealthy. Size 10-12


I started being very stressed and got very sick. I could not walk anymore and after 2 days my entire body shut down for 2 weeks, I could not walk, eat, sleep... I needed assistance for everything and was getting hopeless.


My chiropractor and doctor would not see me because I could not walk out of the car because of the pain and weakness. The spine specialist at the Emergency advised me that I would get operated and it would all be fine... with the warning of permanent paralysis attached to spine surgery.


I decided to turn to alternative medicine and it was the only thing that ever worked for me, chiropractor and blood type   diet.

I found a wonderful Holistic life coach named Jill in Delray beach who performed an absolute miracle before my eyes. within 5 days of organic raw juice fasting , my health was 150% restored and I had lost 10 pounds. I was in heaven.


I went home to me ecstatic   husband who just could not believe what had happen to me and we both went 100% raw for 30 days and ingest every bit of information regarding holistic medicine we could put our hands on.


At the end of my journey I weighted 150 lbs. Three months have now passed, I have past   and I have been eating 20-30% raw and only gained 5 lbs since I stopped eating 100% Raw+ blood type+ vegan diet .


It is an absolute miracle.

I was so impressed, I decided to devote the rest of my life to learning, teaching, researching, sharing the holistic knowledge that saved my life. Because I have stopped, I can see that my skin is not as nice, I have lost the glow, I have dry skin and my energy is low. I also feel bloated.


One thing   I understood then is that it was a lot of information to gather to do it perfectly and gain the maximum results. We decided to study everything that worked from all the successes we have had ad create a package that could give access to this miracle with ease and fun.


This is the cure to all illness, the key to regenerating your body and your mind   from within, the way nature intended it to be.


To prove that the method works, starting 02-02-10, I will be applying the synopsis to myself and logging the results   with the world.


My goal is to share the recipe with the world and help them achieve their health goals!


We have decided to open a holistic bed and breakfast, with a learning center to share the condensed and more accessible version of everything we are learning. We have called the synopsis of holistic lifestyle Life Glow.


We are looking forward to meeting more people like us that have taken a bite of the true apple of life!





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