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Holidays and lack of motivation are NOT a good combination!

Posted Dec 16 2009 12:00am
Seriously!! UGH!

I have been doing a million times better about the snacking... even when I have been baking! (Sweets have never really been THAT tempting to me- so that's a good thing!) But exercise? Not so much... and I LOVE to exercise...

All that time on the road has really kind of gotten me out of the habit... and even though I still love it.. and I KNOW the difference it makes in my life... (not only in my weight loss, but in sustaining a good "shape", in maintaining a good mood, heck I even believe it helps keep my skin clear!) But I am just struggling with getting my butt to the gym...

There are so many things to "do" during the holidays- that it just seems easier to skip the gym more often than not! I haven't even been to Boot-Camp regularly! And I love that stupid killer class...

I think I just need to get through this week- then next week I have vacation- I might not make it out at 6am for Boot Camp- but my days will be a LOT more relaxed (once this weekend is over- everything else is slow and steady through the holidays) I can hit the gym...

I need to boost up my miles per workout... before all this traveling I was doing about 4 (in an hour)... I can run fast enough now through the whole workout to be closer to 5 in a workout... but when I was traveling I was only doing 2.5 (in 30 minutes)... so now I need to not only work back up to an hour/4-5 miles per workout... but then I want to start training for a race this summer... so I need to figure out what my miles need to look like for that!

Any tips on getting back to the plan? For keeping motivated? For getting back into the swing of things??
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