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Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Posted Dec 10 2012 1:53pm

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

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December 10, 2012

HolidayBattleOfTheBulge As special as the holidays are, they just keep on going, lasting up to two months and that’s a significant amount of time to gain a few pounds especially with all the extra temptations around us. Making healthy choices and staying on track during the holidays is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Having a solid plan with the goal of not overeating and making better choices is important.

Just remember if you get off track don’t give up!!

Prepare yourself mentally

Be prepared to encounter a lot of unhealthy temptations. They key is moderation. Enjoying one or two holiday cookies will not set you back. If you deprive yourself completely it may result in binge eating.

Eat before your holiday parties

That will help take the edge off your hunger. That way you can avoid overeating and choose better party foods. Filling your stomach slightly will help you take your time choosing what you will eat and you will probably help you consume less.

Find better food options

Your options are going to vary depending on where you are. If your hosts are health conscious then you will most likely encounter a few healthy options to choose from but if they aren’t so healthy then you are possibly a little more limited. Consider bringing a healthy dish to share so you can have at least one good option.

Relieve stress

Stress about the holidays can occasionally arise, which might lead to over eating in order to relieve stress. Find better ways to relax, like a massage, or a bubble bath.


The busyness of the holidays can lead us to skip workouts. It’s difficult to go back into it when you get out of the habit.  Not exercising along with all the unhealthy holiday food and can lead you to gain weight instead of losing it. Make time for exercising as much as possible.

Keep these tips in mind and look great in time for the New Year!!!

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