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Holiday Survival Healthy Eating Tips: Dinner

Posted Dec 13 2009 9:59pm

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Today is the 3rd and final part of my special holiday survival healthy eating tips and to the hardest meal of them all – dinner. If you can nail dinner than your healthy eating plan will be still on track even if you’re enjoying the sights and tastes of another exotic location.

If you’ve missed the breakfast and lunch holiday survival tips make sure you check them out too.

Dinner is without a doubt the hardest meal to stay healthy with – especially if you are eating out with others and you can’t always have your choice.

Sometimes you’ve got to compromise and go to where the majority of your group wants to eat and unless that place is McDonalds you can pretty much get something half decent no matter where you eat.

So where should you start?

How about these options:

Option 1:

Sharing a meal with your partner or dinner companions is a great idea. You can taste a couple of different things and also limit the damage if one of the meals are a cheat meal.

If you’re in the States, definitely order the appetizer size instead of the main meal. You won’t need the extra calories. And if you do go the main, then I really suggest sharing it.

Option 2:
Go for grilled fish as your protein selection and opt for some rice if you have to choose between rice or chips or just go for a side of salad or veggies.

As this picture shows one of my recent meals in Hawaii, I chose an awesome grilled Mahi-Mahi fish with brown rice (I didn’t even have to request that – I just ordered as is!) and it also came with vegetables.

It is definitely the healthiest meal that you can get when you eat out and would be just like something you would cook up at home.

It even tasted awesome!

You Can Eat Out & Still Eat Healthy

You Can Eat Out & Still Eat Healthy

Option 3:

Like at lunch, you can say “stuff it” and go for a cheat meal and enjoy it. But like I always say – make sure the cheat is worth it!

That wraps up my 3 part mini-series. What would you add to my tips?

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