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Holiday plans, and a rant...

Posted Dec 01 2009 12:00am

(This is a picture from last Christmas - my big girl's first gingerbread house!)

Happy Thursday, chickadees! One week until Christmas Eve, and I am in full-on panic mode, lol! Got my Christmas cards done last night, so I can cross that off my list. My very. long. list. But, most of it is fun, so I'm enjoying the craziness!

I'm going to start with my RANT, because I am still steaming about this...

About a week and a half ago, I saw a tweet from about these cute scooters that I thought would be perfect for my girls. They are sit-on scooters that they power by moving the steering wheel back and forth (no pedals). I thought they would make a great "big" present for the girls, and I hopped over to Overstock to get two of them. I had visions of the scooters under the tree with big bows on them, and the girls racing each other all over the house...

So, I placed my order, and the next day I got an email saying that it shipped, with a tracking number from UPS. Scheduled delivery date was 12/16. And so, I waited....

Flash-forward to yesterday - no scooters. I go online and click on the tracking info - all it says is, "billing information received". Yeah, you can see where this is going. I emailed Overstock, and asked what was going on. I get an email this morning saying there was an "error in their inventory systems" and that they do not have the scooters. They were "happy" to give me a refund for my order plus a $5 credit for my next purchase. I told them they can take their credit and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, 'cause that was the last time I ordered with them!

Here's what gets me - if I didn't email them, were they EVER going to tell me they had an problem? Or would I have been sitting here on Christmas Eve wondering where the scooters were? Now, I have a week to find something else for the girls. I know this isn't what Christmas is really about, but I was so excited to have a "wow" present under the tree for them, you know?

OK - rant over!

I've been thinking about the next couple of weeks in regard to weight loss and this blog. Here's what I came up with:

I will weigh-in tomorrow as usual, and then I will weigh-in again next Thursday, because I know I'm going to be doing some damage on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. From next Thursday through the rest of the year my plan is to maintain whatever weight I am until the new year. If I lose between Christmas and New Year's, I'd jump for joy, but I mainly just want to stay the same.

I will weigh in again on the Sunday after New Year's (the 3rd), and then resume my Friday weigh-in's from then on.

Also, from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day, I will be posting some "best of" posts - the ones from the past year that got a great response from you guys, or ones that I am particularly fond of. I will be checking in on all your blogs during that time, but I'll be taking a break from writing so I can spend time with family and friends.

Sorry for the super long post today! I'll be back tomorrow with my weigh-in - will I hit my new low number?? We shall see....

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