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Holding at 181....

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm

Well, at least I know I can maintain my weight! I know that now I have to really start in with the cardio - yuck! Weight training s no longer enough- I have to jump start my system. I'm still only eating about 1000 calories or less and I am quite used to that.

I feel so good, though! I'm wearing a size 12 jeans, large shirts, my rings fit (and some are too big) - all good. I have a consult today for my big fat ugly varicose veins. The doctor did an ultrasound, and everyone commented on how big one of my veins is- the bulge is actually visible right through all my pants, except jeans.

I had a CAT scan yesterday to find my kidneys stones - yes, blood in my urine and the tell-tale back ache. With luck, they will pass and I will never know.

I'm going to leave you with a photo of Really Fat Maija (it stuns me when I see how heavy I really was!)


I'm with my peeps Kari and Lisa (aka BFF) at the Heart Ball in 2005, I think!

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