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High School

Posted Dec 14 2008 10:01pm

Yearbook photo 1985

I was in my final year of high school and I was 320 lbs. I was subject to numerous jokes around school. I think the final straw was when I returned to my locker after a class and found a bra attached to my lock. I went on a Herbalife Diet program. Herbalife tastes like shit. I had one awful shake in the morning along with some vitamins and a shot of aloe vera juice. Then went off to school and expected to learn with my brain running on that crap. Then I raced home for dinner and feasted on another shake of that same Herbalife crap and more vitamins. For supper I was allowed to eat some food, and they recommended a steak and potato as I recall. In a short six months, I lost 80 lbs. I graduated weighing 240 lbs. I was happy about that. I think the only reason I lost any weight was not due to Herbalife, but to the elimination of all the garbage and high fat foods I had been eating. I must have cut 2000 calories from my diet alone.

After graduation, I got a job in a bakery as the fryer and bakers helper. Hmmmmm... What a test. In 3 months, I only put on one pound. Not too bad. I stayed out of school for about a year, working in my hometown.

The following year, I was off to University in Saskatoon, Sask. and with a large student loan I was able to buy any kinds of food that I liked. I ate a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken and pizza. Without any physical activity, the weight started to creep back on. One year later, in 1987, I was 320 again. I remember my sister visiting me one time (she's a nutritionist), and seeing me. She came back a little later on in the day with a bag of groceries containing vegetable soup, whole wheat bread and the like. I had no interest in that type of food. If it wasn't round and covered in cheese, I didn't eat it. Her intentions were good of course, but it just wasn't going to work.

Another sad thing about my weight gain was that I had bought a high performance motorcycle in 1986 when I graduated. It was a $6000 Yamaha FJ1200. I got too fat for it and ended up trading it for a car that had a blown cylinder head. I was not making good decisions.

It was here that I quit school to move to Edmonton to become a cab driver. That would surely solve my weight problem!

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