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High Protein High Fat versus Low Carb low fat Diets...8 week trial

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:28pm
Hey there Friends! How is everyone doing? Its been a while huh?

Well its funny because all this time I have just been playing with ideas on how will I get off these 30lbs i put on...should I do this..or should I do that...should i count calories...or should I go low fat...and then I thought of protien diet. Sooo many choices in regards to diets etc..and I just have been feeling lost in general with my life..and so this didnt really help as far as taking off the 30. So it was pushed to the side for a while until now.I do not want to let any more time go regarding this. I need to kick it in the butt before I take a chance in gaining more.

There has been alot of talk about protein diets and discussions about if they are really good for you or not....but the fact of the matter is I have done it in the past at one point. And truthfully it did work. And I felt ok.

Its something you really need to get used to, but once on it, it works quickly. The only thing about protien in my experience is that you really again have to mentally prepare for it. There is no cheating aloud..and if you do cheat it shoots the whole process out of whack and you need to start all over again.You might at first suffer from constipation for the first few days until your body gets used to the change(metamucil shoot I forgot to pick up), you go through cravings big time at first till your body rids the bad foods...(something I have already been through) because your basically not having anything at all like before. The first few days are the hardest from what I can remember.

There is alot you have to give up on this the stuff we all love like sugars...and flour...cereals and basically almost everything except meat and foul,fish, and eggs cheese, oils, and fats and later when you want to you can start slowly introducing the low carb fruits nuts etc(limited of course)

...So all of a sudden things that we once thought we should stay away from or have limited amounts of ..well its completely reversed. You can have as much as the foods permitted as you want, and the other foods that are told are really good for you etc...well you are letting them go for the time being.

The thing I love about protein diet is after you are on it 4 days however totally switch your body to a fat burning basically your body starts burning its own fat 24/7. Thats right. Even while you are sleeping its burning it!Its tough to say though...its a good diet but can I seriously mentally stay on that one.

I had receieved a diet from the trainer I used to have..and it was somewhat the same sort of approach but a little different..but it was more triggered if I still wanted to do the same kind of weights and put in the same effort as I did before..and the truth is, after taking some time to think about it once again, I just dont have time to do those kinds of weights once again in the sense of time and effort that I put into them before. Its funny cause I still fight with that thought in my head..knowing full well I cannot continue giving that much time into it..and yet i find myself stressing myself out over the whole idea around it. Why? I have no idea.

There is just too much to do right now that I am dealing with, and the last thing I want is to have to spend 2 hours in the gym again 5 days a week to get all ripped and muscles poppin out of everywhere.I mean I have to start thinking about a new that I put off for that year because of the fact I put the project first. I am suppose to be moving in April. I will need to think about the kids..and what schools they are going to telling you and not kidding when i say that my life is all over the place right now.

Also a good friend of mine's dad is in the hospital..and doesnt look good.

During the transformation that I took was different because it was more of a project I took on that I wanted to give it everything I had...and of course i wanted to show everyone the best final results..but is it realistic for me...not it realistic for most women/parents..probably not.

With the 3 kids and so many things going on right now..i just cannot. So with the protien diet at least you can work out if you choose to...even just cardio for like 30 minutes plus helps 3 times a week, but you dont have to. Either way you start to see yourself go down in sizes quick. Thats the difference. By working out you just make the process go even faster. But I am not in any rush so if I can make it to the gym some days I will..and if I cant ..then I wont.

All I know is that I really would feel better getting rid of these 30 lbs. I pretty much had my mind set until I read what my good friend jay said to me in the comment he left..a person who i really look up to...Now i am not sure what to do and he has made me question it all again. Either way I am going to get rid of it somehow. I just want to get rid of them in the most simplest way possible without any extra pressures that i dont need right now. I have been going through alot latey...and seriously been feeling somewhat anxious..and just not myself. Not sure what it is...

Man..this maintanance really does suck. Never thought It would be this friggin hard. Sometimes you really just feel like throwing in the towel. But I cant/wont do that.Well thats it for now..will it be high protien or low carb ..will it be counting calories or ...what the hell may as well go on a starvation diet at this rate..

actually i couldnt do that cause i love food too
either way its comin off!

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