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High Fiber Foods, Natural Weight Loss and Weight Control

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm
Recently on her show, Oprah Winfrey was talking to Dr. Oz about healthy eating, natural weight loss and weight control with high fiber foods. One of the more fascinating elements of the program was when the Doctor described an experiment where a group of people ate 11 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables for 12 days. The results were astounding as cholesterol levels were reduced 25%, blood pressure fell 10%, and each participant experienced natural weight loss of about 10 pounds.

Dr. Oz says the positive effects of getting enough high fiber foods will happen " almost immediately." The fiber can help move things through your system, ” including toxins ”, very quickly.  And that's not all. " Bile, when it gets absorbed through the bowel, turns into cholesterol. So when you take a lot of fiber in your diet, you suck the bile out of you, and your cholesterol drops automatically. It also gets rid of sugar, which helps the diabetics. And it's a great tool if you want to lose weight because it makes you feel full."

Once again, the link between high fiber foods and natural weigh tloss are revealed in this experiment. Try it for yourself and see what happens. I have known about the power of high fiber foods since I lost 30 pounds in one month by changing my diet to more fruits and vegetables. I made that change easily over seven years ago with help from concentrated fiber foods.
Also, by adding natural health drinks to wash down those high fiber foods, I received even more benefits along with my natural weight loss. Fats and toxins were flushed out a rapid pace with no discomfort or loss of energy. In fact, I developed more energy and better digestion than ever before.

"When you eat this kind of food, you're sending a very clear message to your brain," Dr. Oz says. "You're taking calories and nutrients. What we normally do in America is we give calories to people without nutrition. … The natural colors are gone, and so your brain sits back there and says, 'Am I still hungry or not?'"

You can eat 11 pounds of fruits and vegetables every day like the people in this experiment or you can add some concentrated, natural high fiber food formulas to your diet and make it more convenient to gain the benefits of fiber. To achieve natural weight loss, search the Internet for natural high fiber foods and health drinks.
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