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High Calorie Foods: I Love Them and Can't Live Without Them

Posted Jan 18 2010 2:00am 1 Comment

by Maria's Last Diet

Do you have a preference for energy dense, high-fat food? Do you eat more of these fattening foods compared to your thin friends? These indicators point to the likelihood that you are overweight.

Do you know why you score high on these overweight indicators? Here are two possibilities.

Think carefully before you answer.

  • Do you not like having to delay getting rewards for yourself?
  • Do you find it difficult to override your automatic intentions, especially when it comes to rewarding yourself?

What if we added feeling hungry to this mix? The combination of perceived hunger and how you think about rewards might be what pushes you into eating fattening foods and staying overweight. Remember, when you’re dieting to lose the weight, you will definitely feel hungry.

What’s the solution? If the problem is in how you think about rewarding yourself, then that’s where your work lies. It’s no longer a simple matter of dieting to lose the weight. Because dieting means “putting off” and delaying. Dieting also requires you to override your automatic intentions so you can establish new ways. And dieting brings about hunger.

The solution is in changing your thinking and not simply changing to a diet.



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High Calorie Foods - A food with 400 calories or more per servings is a high calorie food.
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