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Hi Josh, I was wondering what your opinion is on eating whole fruit (not juice or dried)? I know the fiber, vitamins, minerals,

Posted Aug 15 2012 7:28am

The problem with fructose is its pretty much only taken up by the liver. With the exception of the morning, your liver almost always has enough glycogen (Storage form of sugar for the body). In this case fructose will be stored as fat for future use. This occurs primarily with high fructose syrup, and any other added forms of fructose in sweets you can find on the store shelf.

Fruit fructose is encased in a fibre rich flesh, which slows the absorption, and makes it more likely to be used as fuel before it would get stored as fat. As with anything however in excess, your bodies insulin levels will raise and you will be forced to store body fat. Especially in the case of fruit juice, where we will often sneak 3 or 4 whole fruits in through the backdoor. Keep in mind the ratio to fructose to glucose within a fruit is generally 1:1, so fructose is not the primary culprit.

This is one of the reasons why people on low carb diets initially lose weight. The other being the increased amount of water you absorb when consuming more carbohydrates.

Your best fruits to eat within the day would be apricot

avocado (1/3 medium)
blackberries (1/2 cup)
grapefruit (1/2 medium)

raspberries (1/2 cup)

strawberries (1/2 cup)


I would also recommend only eating fruits around workouts, or times of increased activity (Long walk, hanging out in the sun for a few hours)

If you want to extend performance or train for a sport eat the fruit before, sometimes during a workout, and always after.

If your primary goal is weight loss, avoid fruit at all cost till post workout as your body will use the fuel from the fruit instead of breaking into stored body fat or glycogen within the liver.

The reason why fructose can be so destructive on body fat is first it makes your meals taste better, so you end up eating more. Second it doesn’t satisfy the two hormones that tell your body your full.

Hope this helps!


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