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Hi Josh, I love your blog! Super helpful. I was wondering if you had any tips on losing muscle? Particularly on my butt and hips

Posted Oct 02 2012 10:33am


That’s a tough one. First you want to figure out if some of the size is caused by excess fat packed around the muscle.

If you diet is high in soy and processed foods my first suggestion would be to cut that out, because its likely your estrogen is too high, and you will store weight around that area. I’d also cut down on carbs around workouts, just taking enough to keep you going. This will increase the likelihood you will burn stored fat and muscle. Whenever carbs are high in the diet around workouts, your body will always use them first.

The next step is to allow the muscle to breakdown. You certainly don’t want to rush this, as you will slow decrease your metabolism, similar to what happens on diets like Bernstein’s. Long term this won’t do you any good.

Long distance running will help with short stride lengths, just listen to your body and make sure to stretch and roll your muscles often.

Yoga, swimming, and Pilate’s will do you good as well, because of the low impact. You can still do squats, lunges and deadlifts but just body weight or in a warm up.


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