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hi i been in alot of diets and i gained weight i used to weight 124 and now i almost weight 170 and my body mass is 29.93 so you

Posted by ally29

think i need the bypass or im just crazy
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Sorry to say ally29, but I think you're just crazy - nothing personal - your words, not mine â?º!

I'd dieted and hovered between 155 and 205 all my adult life. Now, at 55 and 5'7", I have remained stable at 140 since June/06.

Weight control has that exercise/calorie component of course, but there is a 3-pronged missing link that allows all your other good efforts to bear fruit: (1) nutrient-dense food (because our food is not nutritious enough); (2) cleansing (because we are toxic); and (3) stress management (because stress causes toxicity which feeds back to no. 2 above).

The brain and the body cannot possibly orchestrate weight properly when they are undernourished, full of impurities and stressd out.

Yours in health,




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