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Here's Why Eating Habits Are So Hard to Change

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

There is a subtle tune to which your eating habits dance.

By nature, habits are automatic. That's why we call them habits.They have become ways of behaving that we don't need to think about, or decide about, because in some way we have already decided. Those behaviors that have become such a part of us operate smoothly, seemingly out of our control by the time they become habits.

But still, our habits are being reinforced all the time. In other words, for whatever reason they become habits, they still have that reason to go on being habits. The only time they would stop, or change, is if we interfere with them in some way.

The subtle tune to which your eating habits dance is the reason underlying them - in other words, what they do for you. They answers a need, or calm a fear, or fulfill a wish, or erase a pain, or make a statement you want to make. If you think of them this way, it opens up the possibilities of change.

Just looking at the eating behavior won't necessarily change anything. Looking underneath the behavior gives you a chance to change your tune.

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