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Here is my 1 month anniversary update...

Posted Sep 30 2011 7:57am
Well thought i would just send over my youtube update then to write this morning, kind of in a rush..but check it out I am sure you will all be impressed with the numbers. Might come back on later to write a bit. Love yas all...for all the ladies who bought through me, hope this helps you to stay motivated and thank you for your continued support! I am here to help anyone who wants it. That is my 1'st priority with this. Together we will support one another and make it. Thanks again

Sorry I was such in a rush this morning (kids ALMOST missed the bus) but I had to come back for my bloggers. I will always come back here because its my bloggers that I will always put first before anything else) You guys have always supported me even when no one else did. When others thought I was sinking and looked the other day, you all continued on reading. You never forgot about me. And in return I will NEVER forget about you all, and if I can help you all reach your own goals by following mine I WILL continue to rock it.

Anyways, as you have seen..I numbers were really good this month! I suppose the change of foods really helped, as well because I continued to really work hard at the gym each and every morning 5 days a week no matter what, kept focused on my goal and just gave it all I got. As I mentioned there were only a couple of sort of "off" days that I was faced with but remember that Visalus is NOT some majic shake. That it is NOT.

It will help you YES, but you have to do your job in following and choosing wisely for optimum results! My advice to anyone on this program who bought from me, or people who are perhaps thinking of getting on it, or even others doing any other challenge/lifestyle change....take it one day at a time. Dont ahead, deal with the minute second day...weigh yourself only ONCE a week, and take your monthly photos. On your off days like the few I had just remember you are STRONGER then you think, dont allow your mind  to convince you otherwise. Its something we all must learn, how to flip that around and to become the person we were meant to be. To take that control we are all after..and to just do it! On those weak days, self positive talk to yourself will help you through it and do it as much as possible and if you MUST cave in here and there ( I dont expect perfection and neither should you)..look around, check out the nutritional values..choose the best option you possibly can that wont hurt you tremendously but will give you that little bit of what you are looking for..and most of all..HAVE AT LEAST THE ONCE A WEEK reward yourself, this will help you learn control for ongoing lifelong maintanance for later by having the cheat and getting right back on the system the very next day (this is a really important piece of the puzzle that we all must master and the more you do it the easier it will get). Do NOT deprive yourself! Not worth it.
Believe in yourself and what you can become. You have it in your hands to achieve whatever it is you want, and the more you stick it out..the more you will see that this is true. Nothing comes easily in this life, NOTHING..but with hard work you will for SURE reap the rewards later.

You dont need a trainer and pay thousands of dollars if you cant afford that, you dont really need a specific sort of DIET per say with all the ones that are advertised..remember calories in calories out...thats what it really comes down to its been proven time and time again. You need to burn MORE then what you are EATING to lose.

Visalus has only helped me to keep my calories down, getting all my vitamins and nutrients that I perhaps lacked in the past on "other diets" while making me feel balanced and good and strong because of it.  It also helps me not feel so hungry (satisfied) leaving me to now be able to MAKE those better choices when eating without leaving me feeling famished like in the past.

Overall GREAT month friends. Thanks for reading
Rosy xo
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