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Here fishy fishy....

Posted May 22 2009 6:23pm

I was eating my breakfast today after my workout which by the way in case some of you might be wondering, I decided to have a single portion size of oats..1 egg and and orange (trying to keep things on a balanced thing these days). Oh and a tea...must not forget my tea.:-)))

Anyways, while I was chowing down..looking at my fish tank I noticed a couple of fish missing. Well, I guess one of the "bigger" fish I decided to buy for my fish tank seems to like to feast on the smaller fish..hmm

Something the aquarium people never mentioned to me of course. According to them, they told me this big fish would go fine with small ones. This isnt good. Although come to think about it, the big one does look kind of like it might have a few little teeth going perhaps it can munch..not sure..but big enough for sure to just gulp one of those other cutie ones down. So I am now about I bleieve 3 fish down from when i started this tank.:-((

Anyways, got me to thinking...not sure if anyone reading this blog might know the reason why..but speaking of fish, something really strange I just don't understand.
When I eat a really small portion of one of those water ok.
If I eat more than a small portion..I get all hyped up, heart pulputating etc..its strange.

I remember one time (a long time ago) i had even some of those shrimp in a homemade sauce, with bread ( it was soooo good)..and I feasted on that..overloaded big time..and man..I couldnt sleep all night long. Made me feel all weird and anxious.

Just thought I would mention that. Wonder if anyone else seems to get this at times.Makes me almost too energized for my liking. Maybe I was a fish in another life perhaps and it just doesnt agree with me I dunno.

So I actually dont eat much fish because of this reason. Only once in a while.
IF anyone knows the reason behind this feeling or if there is anyone else that feels this way after eating fish, free to write me. I guess I am curious this morning.

Well I need to jet...need to get my lunch ready and go make some money by working for a change..if you want to call it that;-)
Have a fabulous day friends!

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