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Here are Two Big Weight-Loss Challenges That Can Make You Unable to Lose Weight?

Posted Dec 27 2012 5:00am

Certainly two big obstacles to successful weight loss are being tempted and falling off your weight-loss regimen. A food temptation is an urge to break your weight-loss regimen. It is where you come close to breaking your regimen. A falling off is where you actually break your weight-loss regimen.

Do you know what causes you to be tempted or to fall off? You can prevent being tempted and falling off. The first step is to know what causes you to do these things.

Here’s what you can check out.

    At the time when you are tempted or you fall off:

    How hungry were you?
    When did you last eat?
    Did you eat enough then?
    How full did you feel afterwards?
    How satisfied did you feel afterwards?

    Where were you (home, work, on holiday, somewhere else)?
    Were there other people there?

    What were you doing?
    Were you cooking?
    Were you shopping for food?
    Did you have trouble with another person?
    Were you eating with another person?
    Were you eating out, eating a meal at home, snacking, watching TV,
    socializing, studying, reading, working, partying, or something else?

    What mood were you in (angry, frustrated nervous, lonely, content,
    deprived, in control, restless, bored, happy, sad, tired, relaxed, stressed, 
    carefree, depressed, or other)?

    Just before being tempted or falling off:

      Where were you?
      What were you doing?

      What mood were you in?

Did you see a pattern? Did you see what caused you to feel so tempted or to fall off?

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