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Here’s What You Can Do When You’re Unable to Lose Weight

Posted Apr 29 2011 5:00am

Play to your strengths, and not to your weaknesses.  

What is also true is that one (wo)man’s meat is another (wo)man’s poison.

Combining the two proverbs, we come out with—people have different strengths. This is certainly the case when you try to lose some weight. But do you use your strengths? Do you play to them?

Here are the usual ways to shed unwanted weight. Good diet plan. Stop emotional eating. Not overeat. Good exercise routine.

Here are some of the usual personal strengths:

  • Having the willpower. This is the biggie.
  • Being committed. Another biggie, and the first cousin of Willpower.
  • Being creative. Kind of an unknown, but powerful in its own right.
  • Being sensitive. Can you see how this could fit? No, it’s not being too sensitive. It’s being sensitive to yourself and your own needs.
  • Being able to persevere. Another biggie, and yet another first cousin to you know what.
  • Being intelligent. You are probably surprised to see intelligence on the list. But you know when you try to lose that additional weight you often do some pretty dumb things.
  • Being self-reflective. Really see what’s going on with you that is making you have difficulty losing weight.

Of course, there are other personal strengths that would definitely make this list. But you get the idea.

Check yourself out and see what strengths of yours you can play to when you find it difficult to lose weight.

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