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Here’s an Example of How Emotions and Eating Can Make You Unable to Lose Weight

Posted Oct 24 2012 5:00am

It was one of those days. She braced herself for the barrage. When it came, Deana didn't know what hit her. .She was glad to have her pills. At least they took the edge off her depression and anxiety.

She couldn’t do much on a day like this. She lived alone, but she usually visited with friends or walked her dog. Not today. Not any day that she was laid low, not feeling like doing much, brain dead, waiting for the next wave of anxiety to sweep over her and make her think the worst was going to happen.

All Deana could do on days like this was eat. It didn’t matter that she had already packed on too many pounds and she was way overweight. She had to do something to quell her discomfort.

Deana was at a disadvantage. Not even her precious pills helped her. If only she wasn’t such a firm believer that her depression and anxiety came out of nowhere. This belief reaffirmed for her what her doctor had told her when he prescribed the pills: that her depression and anxiety where the result of a chemical imbalance.

What a difference it would make if Deana could connect her interactions with others and the feelings these interactions engendered with the next day’s mysterious depression and anxiety. Sounds simple, like it wouldn’t be hard to do. But Deana had been well conditioned all her life to believe that it was always her fault, not a fault of the other. This is what blinded Deana and prevented her from seeing and really registering the effect that other people—certain other people like her mother, her boyfriend, even her good friend—had on her.

Deana does have a goal of losing some weight. She’s had this goal for a long time. But it’s no use. She can’t really can’t get going because she not only eats so much when she’s depressed and anxious, she also eats too many calorie-rich foods to ward off the depression and anxiety she so fears. Deana is going to have to address the causes of her anxiety and depression in order to stop emotional eating; and she may need some psychological help with this.


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