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Help Push Mark Sisson’s ‘The Primal Blueprint’ Book To #1 On Amazon And Get Some Cool FREE Gifts

Posted Mar 17 2010 8:42am

Been thinking of getting Mark Sisson’s book? Today’s the day to do it!

If you are a supporter of Paleo/low-carb living, then no doubt you are already well aware of the work of Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple . He is one of the most influential and prolific bloggers out there today promoting the health benefits of reduced carbohydrate consumption, increased fat in the diet, and healthy primal living a la our ancient ancestors. Mark is such a likable fella and I’m privileged to call him my friend.

I first interviewed Mark on my podcast show in September 2008 to discuss the work he is doing at his amazing blog and that’s when he first revealed he was working on writing a book including many of the concepts he discusses on a daily basis at his blog. In June 2009, that book became a reality when The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy (read my review ) was released to the 21st Century to show that primal living is the way to return to the optimal health and weight management we were meant to enjoy as homo sapiens. Mark then returned to my podcast in July 2009 to discuss what his book was all about (in fact, my listeners loved what they heard from Mark Sisson so much that they voted him back for a “Encore Week” interview in January 2010 as one of the best podcast interview guests from 2009!) and his book has gone on to do extraordinarily well on

Despite this initial success, Mark has a dream that I’d like to help him fulfill today. His dream is to reach the #1 overall ranking at Amazon and he’s willing to reward you handsomely for helping him do this. But this offer is only good through Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 12PM PST so listen up! He’s put together what he describes as “an irresistible offer” that will serve as a “win-win situation” for fans of Paleo/low-carb living to help give this book “the sort of exposure it needs to affect real change.”

So here’s the deal available NOW through 12PM PST tomorrow:

1. Go to and purchase a copy of The Primal Blueprint for under $18. The book is eligible for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING, so add something like the incredible documentary Food, Inc. DVD to your order to qualify for complimentary shipping.

2. E-mail Mark Sisson at . Be sure to tell him you heard about this offer from Jimmy Moore at “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb.”

3. Mark will send you a whole boatload of FREE GIFTS, including:

- A personal invitation to attend a private 2-hour LIVE Webcast Q&A Session with Mark Sisson himself where you can ask him anything you want about weight loss, bodybuilding, supplementation and whatever is on your mind. This is a unique opportunity to pick the brain of someone who has researched, studied, and lived Paleo/low-carb living for years.

- Access to two password-protected complimentary audio interviews: “20 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (And How to Fix Them)” (a $24.99 value) as well as “5 Reasons You’re Sick (And How to Get Better)” (a $14.99 value)

- An exclusive e-book of 25 Primal Blueprint Recipes from Mark’s Daily Apple

- A free preview edition of Mark’s upcoming cookbook with 5 Primal Blueprint Recipes

Check this out — if you don’t LOVE what you read in The Primal Blueprint, then Amazon will refund your purchase price in full…and you’ll still get all of the freebies listed above! If you are an uber-fan of Mark Sisson and REALLY want to help him reach his goal of having the #1 bestseller on, then here are some additional ways for you to get some extra freebies:

- Buy 4 copies and you’ll receive everything above as well as an autographed copy of the 24×30 inch Primal Blueprint Poster

- Buy 5 copies and get everything above including the FREE signed copy of the Primal Blueprint Poster as well as a FREE signed, advanced copy of the hardcover version of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook due out later this year

- Buy 50 copies and get your $695 registration fee waived for PrimalCon 2010 in addition to everything above. Everything above plus the registration fee is worth more than the cost of 50 books, so you’re basically getting the books for free. (Please note this is only available to one person)

- Buy 100 Copies and Mark will give you everything above (except for the free PrimalCon registration) and year’s supply of the supplements Damage Control Master Formula, Vital Omegas and Responsibly Slim (a $2,200 retail value)

- Buy 1000 Copies and you will be personally flown out to Malibu, California, put you up in a nice hotel for a weekend, and train with Mark Sisson on the beach as well as dine one-on-one with him

Now some of you who have already purchased The Primal Blueprint previously from Amazon or Mark’s web site might be thinking, “That’s not fair! I already bought the book and I didn’t get any free gifts!” Well, never fear my primal-loving peeps because you too are eligible to receive everything I listed above. All you gotta do is e-mail Mark Sisson at and provide him with your proof of purchase receipt and you will get the free gifts outlined above too. Of course, you can purchase extra copies to give away to friends and family or whomever you think could benefit from it and Mark will honor the combined offer so you can be eligible for the cookbook and poster. COOL DEAL, huh?

I can tell you from my own personal experience working with and interviewing Mark Sisson directly over the past few years, he is genuinely interested in sharing information with people that will help them reach their health and fitness goals. I believe strongly in the work he is doing to move them away from the nutritional nonsense that has penetrated our society and closer to the high-fat, carbohydrate-restricted diet of our early ancestors to restore the weight and health of people all around the world. Do your part to help push Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint book to #1 on and let’s kindle a Paleo/primal/low-carb revolution in 2010! On behalf of my friend Mark Sisson, THANK YOU for your support!

3-17-10 10:30PM ET UPDATE: Thanks to the efforts of so many people today, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson has climbed all the way to #2 overall on If you haven’t been able to get your copies of this amazing book yet, then you can still help push it to the very top. Help make this historic event happen!

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