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Posted May 27 2012 3:59pm 1 Comment

First Entry! Welcome to my Blog

Hi everybody! If you've stumbled across my blog, you won't see much, but give it a chance, I've only just started! :) I have decided to do this blog to motivate myself to lose the weight I have gained since I started college. I have never been super-skinny and have always had to watch what I eat, but before college I was always slim and only fluctuated slightly because I ate a healthy diet. Well, you know what happens in college... pizza for breakfast, brownies for dinner, and all washed down with booze.. and lots of it! And of course it's followed by you treating yourself with greasy foods because of that harrowing hangover!

But once I started to realize that my jeans that used to be way too big for me couldn't even get past my thigh and my slim stomach was starting to look... well, rotund, I decided to do something! And today! And I will eat nothing but lettuce and green tea. But... oh wait... tonight's my friend's party.. well, I'll start tomorrow, but wait... there is that fudge cake that I baked... I can't throw it away... I need to finish it...

This is my way of thinking, and the more I think like that, the more my dress size goes up and the less I have in my wardrobe to wear! So this blog will hopefully stop me in my tracks. If I keep on quitting eating healthy and just keep on gaining, well there's no point in having a blog! So follow me as I try to navigate through life's food temptatons and try to be healthier! I want this blog to motivate me and other people too... it's not a blog that advocates being super skinny, crash diets, or thinspiration that promotes anorexia. I want to do it the healthy way, and hopefully lose the ten (yes, ten!!) kgs I've gained since I started university!

I hope you enjoy, and well, I wish I could say what path my blog will take on my way to healthy-eating and weight loss, but you and I both will have to be tuned to find out!!
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