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Hello i am needing help i am going into highschool i weigh 220 pounds and i want to be 150 in 3 months can you help me?

Posted by misscool258

i know i might be a little young but highschool would be horrible for me if i dont get professinal help
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Realistically , it is almost impossible for you to lose that much weight so quickly without major surgery to close up most of your stomach. And I am not suggesting that at all. But why don't you join Weight Watchers for teens if you can find a group or just go to a group near you and follow their diet plan. Also exercise so that you will burn off calories and tone your body. You may n ot lose more than 20lb in three months and that is a lot to lose. But if you eat healthily, your hair and skin will look better and you will look good in clothes with even a small weight loss. Just be sure to continue your diet once you get to high school so by the time spring comes around, you will have lost another 20-25 pounds .Get a cute haircut that makes your face look smaller right before school starts . The most important thing is that you don't get to high school and begin to live on Doritos and diet coke or other junk food. STick with the diet program and you will look sleek and beautiful by the time you are a sophmore.

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