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Hello coffee??

Posted Feb 09 2012 7:45pm

It sure doesn’t feel like winter around here.

There is no snow on the ground and we hit 40 degrees today!  What is up with that?  Well, I guess global warming is what is up with that…

The coffee maker died today.  The other day it stopped brewing, but then started again, so we weren’t totally surprised this happened.  I pushed the brew button this morning and it started, then stopped.  I unplugged it and plugged it back in.  It started brewing again, but then stopped and started making a ticktickticktick sound, which was mildly alarming, so I shut it off.  Don’t need any explosions before 8 a.m. thank you.  It also started leaking water out the bottom.  Guess it is time for a new one!  We had to boil water in the tea kettle and pour it over the grounds to have coffee.  While I wish we could afford the uber technical Technivorm brewer, I think we are going to go with the Bunn.

A little industrial looking, but the coffee is really good from it. Guess we have to drag out the french press for now.

I made up a flax waffle (aka 1 minute muffin) and topped it with some peanut flour today.  This has a nice mix of fat and protein, plus fiber!

Work has been busy since I got back.  I don’t know if anybody missed me, but I know they missed how much work I normally do!  At least I still had a job when I got back.  You just never know.

Egg salad for lunch today.  Funny how I despise mayo, but I like egg salad.  One of those weird quirks.

I have been loving potato chips lately, too.  They are gluten free  :mrgreen:

It was nice enough today that I could roast my coffee outside and get a darker roast today.  While the brewer is dead, the espresso machine is alive and well! Here is one of my souvenirs I got at Disney for my afternoon latte.

Love!!  This is about a 12 ounce mug.

I also had some more cashews.

Pixie loves the sunny weather.

Will you move my blanket to the sun please?

It’s been a poultry kind of week around here.  I am tired of turkey, but still stayed in the family with chicken for dinner.  Hey, it was thawed out!

This was an especially delicious pear.  I could never give up fruit.  Ever.  They would have to pry it from my cold dead hands before I give it up.

I have to pamper John tonight.  He is even more stuffy and getting feverish, poor guy.  I am so glad I didn’t get what he has.  At least we know I didn’t give it to him, so no guilt there.  But first is riding the trainer for a bit.


Another reminder for the Healthy Heart Weekend!  I’ll be annoying with by the end of the week, I am sure.  Another one of the prizes I am giving away is a coconut prize.  A pound of coconut flour and a box of my beloved coconut butter!  Still have to think of a third one.

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