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Hello, blogging, my old friend

Posted Dec 09 2009 1:01pm

The answer to the obvious question here is, Yes, I have been in hiding. From what exactly? Not sure. I just haven’t been up to checking in with my life details lately, and I think its one of those ‘Its been so long and I have so much to say! Where to start?!” things. So I guess I’ll just start!

The big thing that’s been going on with me lately is that I have recently moved to a new PCP and the results of my last check up are less than stellar. I have high blood pressure and slightly high cholesterol. Yep, those are things old people say. Leaving the doctor’s office I kept thinking “That’s what my mom has! That’s what my dad has! That’s what my grandparents have! How can I at 28 have the same thing?!” Oh, I know, I weigh 257 pounds (yeah, more on that later). I’ve always known that being overweight was something that was bad for my health, and mean to my body, but I’ve always had vanity as the reason I want to lose weight. I’ve spent so much time boo-hooing about being a chub and feeling unattractive that I just pushed the health part of it to the back of my brain. But now I actually do have some minor health problems. I don’t want to die at 51 of a heart attack like my grandfather or have a regimen of pills to take like my parents and grandparents do. I know I’m about to hit my 30s, but I’m way to young to say that I have high blood pressure. I’m way too young to own a blood pressure monitor, which I do. So now, since I’m totally stubborn, I’m determined to not need BP medication. I want to get it under control myself instead of having to take a pill, because obviously something I’m doing is making it high, so something I do can make it lower.

So that brings me to, the weight. I’ve packed on a few pounds. I can pretend that I have no idea how that happened, but I know exactly: I haven’t been tracking my food. I’ve been eating pretty much what I want and assuming I’m eating within a normal caloric intake. Pretty sure that cake doesn’t really keep it healthy. I will give myself a pat on the back for the fitness part of my life. I’ve worked a few Rep Reebok and TBW classes into my workout regime and have decided to get back on the C25k train. I started that on Sunday, and it turns out I was running waaaaay too fast the first time around and that’s how I messed up my ankle. So, I’m taking it a little easier, and have found it to be really satisfying. So, I have some things to really look forward to.

AND! I’m going home to visit my family in 10 days. I am SO excited! I haven’t been home for Christmas in 4 years. CAN NOT WAIT!

So, thanks to everyone who’s been stopping my and commenting lately, sorry I’ve been a remiss blogger!
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