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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Review

Posted Jul 18 2009 11:47pm
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The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook is an ebook from New York Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, Massage Therapist & Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist Antonio Valladares (yep he’s got a few boxes ticked!).

Antonio was kind enough to send it to me ages ago for review, and to be honest, it got pushed to the bottom of the pile and I didn’t check it out as soon as I should have.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t read it sooner. Now I wish I had’ve.

Antonio’s views on what makes up a healthy eating plan are very similar to some of my thoughts on eating gluten free and wheat free.

<b>Real World Nutriton Advice Using Real Whole Foods</b>

Real World Nutriton Advice Using Real Whole Foods

He has a more hardline approach and discourages diary (except butter), caffeine, processed foods and encourages organic whole foods.

A lot different from anything else on the market.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook is not a workout program. It’s a cookbook that gives Antonio’s reason and theory behind his thinking.

I agree with most of the stuff that Antonio has in here.

I love my long black so you won’t see me getting rid of my coffee.

Organic stuff - yeah I see the benefit of that but at the end of the day I don’t think it’s the worst thing we eat.

Dairy - yes it’s garbage for us and a fast way to really strip down some belly fat if you’ve already got rid of wheat is to can the dairy. Personally, I use very minimal amounts with my rice porridge in the morning and when I have greek yoghurt.

I definitely agree on going gluten free and wheat free to really get the best results from your nutrition and fat loss. Any of my healthy eating tips on here will second that notion.

I also love how Antonio is not a fan or low fat food options. The more people that get this idea into their head the less we will have to worry about an obesity epidemic.

I would particularly recommend the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook if you have skin problems that never seem to go away, if you suffer from depression and if you have always had problems with your weight no matter what you have tried in the past.

If you follow what Antonio has to say here you can definitely see results in as little as a month in my personal opinion.

Especially if you combine it with some resistance workouts like my Aussie Fatblast program you are guaranteed results.

Yes, it will challenge everything you already believe about nutrition but hopefully I’ve already started to do that.

Yes, it will really get you results if nothing else has worked.

If nothing else has worked then you really do need to change your ideas about nutrition for fat loss.

Surely it’s worth that chance right?

No, I don’t agree with everything in the book like I mentioned but I would say I agree with 95% of what’s included.

And I would never recommend anything to you that I don’t feel comfortable putting my name to.

I get asked all the time to review this product or that product or to put my name to this system.

I’m not going to comprimise what I believe in just to get a small commission. Really it’s not worth it.

I’d rather have your trust.

So, will that 95% of things that I agree with get you results that you’d be happy with?

Yes, so long as you are not using excuse after excuse to add this and add that “Just this once”.

The investment is $39.97 and like I said, it’s only a cookbook so you will need a workout plan to follow.

If you do take the plunge to change your body and invest in the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook through the links on this page as a result of reading this review, simply email me -daniel(at) and I will give you a 6 week program to follow. Girls, you’ll get my Little Black Dress Workout and guys will get my Can the Man Cans Workout that both feature in my Aussie Fatblast program.


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