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Healthy Mindset 2013: Dream Big For Your New Years Resolution

Posted Oct 08 2012 4:41pm

This time of year always goes by so fast.

The colors are changing, and pretty soon we’ll see little trick-or-treaters at our doors, soon to be followed by us all giving thanks and sitting around the fireplace with our families for the holidays.

Before we know it, it will be the New Year.

Have you had a chance to think about what you’d like 2013 to look like?

Instead of blindly throwing out New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, let’s take some time to think about what it is we really want. Do you know what it is you really want?

Over the next 8-12 weeks or so, get yourself really prepared to take action once the New Year rolls around. Sustainable action is possible when you’ve laid the foundation.

So, if you’re constantly frustrated year after year because your resolutions never work out – Now is your chance to change the pattern.

2013 New Years Resolution picture

Are you ready for a new you? What do you want to change this year?

Create a Vision

It begins with mindset.

Here are a few steps to clarify your vision:

  1. Pretend tonight is New Year’s Eve and your best friend asks you what your New Year’s Resolution is – What would you say?
  2. Think about why this is important to you.
  3. Notice any obstacles or excuses that come up.  Acknowledge them, write them down, or let them go.  Design action triggers to blast through them when the time comes.
  4. Then check in with yourself again.  If absolutely anything were possible, what would you do?

Be honest and give yourself permission to think beyond your current limits.

Are you at least beginning to come up with a vague idea of what you want, and are you allowing yourself to believe it is possible?

Good – because now you have three months to create your plan and further strengthen your mind.  Hey, maybe you’ll even take action, before the New Year.

Wouldn’t that be something?

To flesh out your resolution even more, ask yourself how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved it and how your life will be different.  Begin to see yourself in this new light.  As you accept where you currently are while holding this strong vision, you can take that first bold step.

Come January 1st, you’ll be ahead of the game with a solid vision and belief in yourself.  If that doesn’t spell Happy New Year, I don’t know what does.

About The Author: Katie Peterson is a freelance writer and chief creative director at her blog .  She loves all things creative, colorful, and active.  Grab your shoes is a movement to inspire daily love of movement and joy of dreaming big.


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