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Healthy, guilt-free chocolate candies - Chocoplums!

Posted Aug 22 2011 1:55pm 2 Comments


Visit my blog for more healthy and delicious recipes! Gourmandelle Lifestyle Blog  

As you probably noticed already, I like easy, quick and healthy desserts. This is one of them. It took me exactly 3 minutes to make these delicious chocoplums. 

I usually eat dark chocolate because it is healthier (don't tell, but sometimes I can't help myself and I eat regular milky chocolate,   fortunately this rarely happens). This recipe was made with dark chocolate (85% cocoa) and it is absolutely delicious. The combination of soft plums with creamy chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts is amazing! I really hope you'll try this dessert. It's quick, easy and most of all, healthy!

Ingredients for 10 chocoplums:

-   10 dehydrated plums (you can soak them if you want bigger chocoplums; the plums will double their size; I skipped this part)
- 5 hazelnuts
- 5 dark chocolate squares
- 1 tbs hot water


Heat some water (it's not necessary to be boiling water, just warm water in order to melt the chocolate). Put the chocolate in a small bowl. Add over one tablespoon of hot water. Stir until all chocolate is melted.

Put 3-4 plums in the bowl and cover them with melted chocolate. Put them on a plate that was previously covered with baking sheet. Do the same thing for all the other plums.

Add the hazelnuts in your food processor and grind them.

Sprinkle the hazelnuts over the chocoplums.

Put in freezer for 30-40 minutes then move them in the fridge or eat the little sweet treats.




Comments (2)
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Hi Gourmandelle

Great that you are using dark chocolate but do you know that if you use RAW CHOCOLATE it is going to be even better for you. 85% cocoa chocolate is still processed and hence has all the enzymes killed but raw chocolate is still classified as a "living superfood".

Did you know that coconut oil is also a "FAT BURNING" oil, perfect for people who want to loss weight naturally.

I would like to regularly comment on your site. We have writen a number of health based raw chocolate eBooks and have heaps of good info.

Warmest Wishes

Andre T

Thanks for the info Andre! I knew about raw chocolate but unfortunately in my country it's a bit harder to find. I will try to find some because I know that raw cocoa is very rich in antioxidants. I'd like to hear more interesting things about chocolate. Come visit my blog; I will post soon new chocolate desserts. Have a great day!
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