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Healthy Food and Weight Gain

Posted Apr 30 2010 3:18am

I love the fact that I see so many people trying to eat healthier. On your blogs and on my friend’s tables, I see lots of fresh vegetables, yummy salads, fabulous main dishes, and desserts in tiny portions. Sometimes I’ve noticed that some people who are eating really healthy foods are having trouble seeing the scale move.

I think it can be tempting to equate healthy foods with automatic weight loss. I believe that’s a myth. Just because you are eating foods that are good for you, not overly processed, and as close to nature as possible, doesn’t automatically mean you will lose weight.

Agree or disagree?

Foods that are better for your body undoubtedly have a positive impact on your health. Avoiding sodium, added sugars, and all the chemicals processed foods contain is a good idea. I know I still feel like my nutritional status is a work in progress. It has evolved and changed over the years. But while you are watching all those things I previously mentioned it’s really important to not forget one thing:


Portion control has been one of the three keys to weight maintenance for me. I am always aware of my portion sizes, whether I’m eating a piece of birthday cake or a piece of grilled chicken and vegetables. It’s very easy to overeat either, but most of us realize that eating too much cake isn’t a great idea while trying to lose weight whereas eating chicken is good. And it is good to eat lean protein, you just can’t eat too much of it!

I’ve been out to dinner with friends who boast that they are picking a healthy entree. But when the entree comes out and there is enough food on the plate for three people, I am always interested to see what they will do. Most of the time they eat the entire thing. I’ve seen it happen not only in restaurants, but in my own house. We will have someone over for dinner and I’ll make a healthy meal as usual. Even if my friend is trying to lose weight she will load up her plate and eat it all.

It’s almost like the healthy food trap. I think it’s important to remember that portion control is for 99% of the foods we eat. As you are working through your journey there may be a time where you find the scale stalling. You know you are eating healthy foods, you are exercising, and are annoyed! The first thing I’d look at if I were you is your portions. It’s so easy to let extra food creep into our diets – believe me I know!

Question: Are you always aware of your portion sizes no matter what food you are eating?  Have you ever noticed the tendency to let extra healthy food creep in?  Diane

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