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Healthy Eating Tips To A Greener Diet & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Posted Jun 22 2009 11:48pm
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How similar are cows and humans?

At first you’d think I’m crazy by saying we’re not as distant as you might think but hear me out on how these healthy eating tips can actually help in reducing your carbon footprint just by eating a much greener diet than you may already be doing.

If you read this article on what a greener diet can do for cows you will understand where I’m coming from.

<b>Cows & Humans Aren't Really That Different When It Comes To Healthy Eating</b>

Cows & Humans Aren't Really That Different When It Comes To Healthy Eating

In a nutshell, some farmers with their heads screwed on right are no longer feeding their cows corn and soy and other rubbish that they should not be eating but are now focusing on feeding them flaxseed, alfalfa, and grasses that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids which as you may know have many health benefits.

What’s the end result? The cows are burping less. This may seem silly but cows burping is actually the main greenhouse gas contributor for the dairy industry.

It’s really not too hard to believe when you think how many millions of cows there are in the world today.

Cows should eat grass and not grains or any other rubbish that man feed them to make them fatter and tastier.

No matter how much your favourite restaurant says that their steaks are better because they are grain fed don’t listen to them. They are saving money by giving you sick cows that eat something their body does not digest properly.

Now the take home message here is that cows are supposed to eat grass otherwise they have excess gas.

Just like humans.

Have you ever wondered why you constantly have gas, especially in embarrassing situations?

I know it’s bad.

But the reason is because we are eating processed foods (especially foods that contain wheat) that our body is not used too.

The end result isn’t going to be pleasant for you or those around you?

So we really aren’t that too dissimilar from cows are we?

Our bodies reject stuff that is not good for it by trying to eliminate it anyway we can.

So if cows are contributing to the environmental problems because of their belching and flatulence don’t you think we may be too, especially if it happens on a daily basis!

It’s not as silly as it sounds if you stop and think about it.

Try getting rid of processed foods and anything that contains wheat in your diet for a week and see what type of difference can be made.

Eat foods like fresh crispy vegetables and fruits, lean meats, eggs, seeds, nuts and you will be well on the way to getting the body that you deserve.

<b>Eat Green to Stay Lean & Lose Inches of Belly Fat</b>

Eat Green to Stay Lean & Lose Inches of Belly Fat

These healthy eating tips are not rocket science, just common sense once you forget everything that we have been brainwashed with in the past about what we should eat to lose inches of belly fat.

You may be astounded by what it can do.

This post shows you how you can lose inches of belly fat by removing processed foods from your diet.

What have you got to lose? Definitely not your friends as they’ll be happy to be around you again!

In fact, if you have tried it, I want to hear what eliminating wheat and other processed nasties has done for you and your belly fat. Please leave your comments in the box below.


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