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Healthy Eating Tips About Carbohydrates Are Backed By Research

Posted Jun 26 2010 6:52am


One healthy eating tip that we all seem to know by now is to reduce intake of carbs.  It seems almost like common sense that low carb diet plans are instrumental in losing body fat and gaining lean muscle.  What else does research tell us about the benefits of low carb healthy eating plans?

First of all, science tells us to add fat as we reduce carbs.  Participants in a study consumed low carb/high fat meals and had success.  So remember this healthy eating tip when you’re modifying your own meals.

Second, the study informs us that this type of healthy diet plan can do more for our bodies than we thought.  The participants who were eating low carb/high fat meals were able to metabolize a high fat meal better after 12 weeks of their new diet plans.  This means trigylcerides are lowered, insulin is reduced, and the good cholesterol (HDL) is increased.

You might be aware of common healthy eating tips like this one, but knowing the research behind it means you can utilize the tip to its full weight loss potential.




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