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Healthy Eating Myths Exposed: Junk Food Is NOT Cheaper

Posted Apr 19 2010 5:29pm

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An article in Saturdays Tele about Junk food being cheaper than healthy food got my blood boiling.

I mean I can read it, shake my head and realise that it’s a big old load of BS but the average Joe or Jane that reads it is going to go “yeah you’re probably right” and go to Woollies for their weekly shop and just stick to buying the same old garbage that’s making them fatter each day.

I quote from the report
Fruit prices jumped 119.6 per cent between 1998 and 2006 while the price of vegetables rose by 45.1 per cent. Meat and seafood prices jumped 39.9 per cent, dairy products rose 35.3 per cent and bread 27.7 per cent.

The price of junk food soft drinks hardly shifted at all in comparison, rising just 5.6 per cent over the six-year period.

The price of takeaway, fast foods, snacks and confectionery grew by about 40 per cent, just a third of the jump in fruit prices.

Surely this ain't more expensive than junk food!

Surely this ain't more expensive than junk food!

What this media beat up refuses to let you know is that not all fruits and vegetables are more expensive to buy than the junk that they are suggesting.

Let’s think about this in a responsible manner for a minute. Unlike proccessed rubbish which can sit on your shelf for years without going off, fresh fruit and vegetables do have a season just like the football codes.

It makes sense that summer fruits like peaches and other stone fruit are going to be cheaper in summer – when they’re actually in season – than now for example where if you were to find them you’d have to pay a premium for them.

So let’s stop comparing apples with oranges so to speak for a minute here.

If people buy in season fruits and vegetables I can safely guarantee you, that no matter where you are in this wonderful world of ours, it will be cheaper.

I went grocery shopping on Saturday and found things like a big bunch of lettuce (perfect for any salads) for just over a buck. You can’t buy a chocolate bar that lasts that long for a buck can you?

Likewise carrots were only a dollar or thereabouts for a kilo. That lasts for a week in our house. Find me the equivalent value with a packet of Smiths Chips. I don’t think so.

I also found things like Mandarins that are now coming into season for a couple of bucks.

Junk Food Isn't Always Cheaper

Junk Food Isn't Always Cheaper

Just telling you how it really is – not giving you an excuse to eat rubbish all the time…

Your fat fighting partner,

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