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Healthy Eating Guidelines: Your Government Working for You

Posted Feb 03 2011 6:11am

So, the government’s healthy eating guidelines are here. And what do they say? Eat less, don’t eat much processed food, keep salt and sugar and high-fat foods to a minimum, eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Well, great. It’s not new advice, but it’s good advice. HOWEVER…to those women who have a problem with food, exactly how do you stick to this very reasonable advice?

If you eat when you’re lonely, or you eat to combat your disappointment over something or other, or you eat too much to try and keep down your anger, or you eat to keep your emotions inside out of fear of being rejected…if you can’t stop overeating for these reasons, or countless others like them, what good does good nutritional advice actually do?

The very real and difficult problems that many women face with their weight usually have little to do with the actual food. The government can issue guidelines about what to eat and what not to eat every other week, but it does not address these basic struggles that many, many women have.

If you are a woman who can’t control her weight—and you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not a lack of food knowledge that keeps you in your weight problem— then take these new guidelines with a (very small) grain of salt.


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