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Healthy Eating Guidelines Explain the Benefit of Cheat Days

Posted Jul 09 2010 3:00am


Traditional healthy eating guidelines command dieters to be strict and never stray from healthy eating plans.  This idea might be changing due to some scientific research on a hormone called leptin.

Leptin levels drop when your body thinks it’s not getting enough nutrients or food.  Then your metabolism stops working as fast because it wants to conserve energy.  A slow metabolism means no quick weight loss progress.

Leptin relates to cheat days and healthy eating guidelines because constant restricted diet plans trigger leptin levels.  Adding cheat days is a weight loss tip that re-sets your body’s leptin levels so you can continue losing weight.

One cheat day every week or so will be enough to let you indulge in your favorite foods and get your body back to a place where healthy diet plans are effective.

So follow healthy eating guidelines by sticking to your diet 6 days a week.





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