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Healthy Diet, Weight Loss for Cancer Prevention - Start with the FREE Vice Busting Diet Plan

Posted Mar 26 2010 11:43am

A healthy diet is not just for losing weight, but for good health.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing not being a 'good thing' anymore. However, there ARE exceptions - love, kindness, compassion, and when it comes to diet - fruits and vegetables.  Now I'm sure you won't spend every waking hour eating fruits and vegetables. But I have yet to meet a person who eats TOO many of those foods (although I do know for a fact that Dr. David Katz, author of among other books and published studies, is probably one of only a few people who do eat enough).  Not just those foods, but raw, uncooked, whole food fruits and vegetables is the best way to consume them. In the past, you've heard our recommedation for adding Juice Plus+ in order to get the phytonutrients from a variety of those foods. However, Juice Plus + is not a replacement for them.  Here's some information about a report that shows that diet and weight loss can prevent a big percentage of breast cancer cases --

You might not be able to change your genes, but you can change your jeans. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates that up to one-third of the breast cancer cases in Western countries could possibly be avoided if women exercised more and ate less.

Mammogram screening, early diagnosis and better treatments have all contributed to the reduction in breast cancer cases by around 2% a year and the improved survival rate in the US. But still an estimated one in eight American women will suffer from breast cancer during their lifetime. Experts say now the focus needs to shift on improving personal lifestyle habits to prevent the disease even more. .

The focus for not just preventing cancer and reducing the overweight and obesity crisis, should not be to lose weight.  I hear many people tell me, "Julia I need to lose weight, can you help?!"  My answer is not only yes, I can help but also let's take the focus off of your weight and away from how much you need to lose and start focusing a your lifestyle.  Isn't that what matters?  You can't change your weight in the next 24 hours (ok, maybe a pound or 2 but nothing significant), so why focus on your weight?  It's just a number.  When you get to your ideal weight are you going to walk around knowing that number and worrying about 5 pound fluctuations?  No, you're going to put your attention on and effort toward living healthy - that is, what you're choosing to eat, what exercise you're doing today, and so on.  Eventually, you'll get to the point of not even thinking about those unhealthy foods that you're probably consuming these days.  Aaah, yes... the unhealthy foods you're consuming.  That's where we need to start.

The Vice Busting Diet Plan is all about busting those unhealthy foods (and beverages) out of your life. Gone. Out of here. Completely. Why? Because a little bit of something unhealthy is still unhealthy. So why bother consuming it at all? That's why the Vice Busting Diet Plan first starts by helping you get the one worst and most-often consumed food or beverage out of your life before moving on to the next step.

And now you can get started at no cost. That's right, FREE. We are on a mission to help 1 million people reach a healthy weight, and more importantly reach a permanently healthy lifestyle. Get started and join the movement that is escalating. More people realize that the best insurance policy you can have is a healthy diet and daily exercise, for the prevention of sickness and disease.

Start the Vice Busting Diet Plan today, free.

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