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Healthy Breakfast your Kids will Surely Love

Posted Dec 16 2012 8:24am

We love our kids very much and we want to serve the best meal for them, most especially during breakfast. They say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us energy in the entire day. In our children’s cases, they really need a healthy and full meal breakfast to survive the entire morning most especially when they are in school.



School age children are the most active both physically and mentally and they need fuel to start the day off  in the form of food. So as mothers, despite of our busy schedule, it is our biggest responsibility to prepare their breakfast everyday in order for them to function properly. In this article, you are given ideas on how to prepare their healthy breakfast even in limited time.

Here are some breakfast ideas:

Easy to prepare foods

Healthy Cereals

Since everyone is rushing at this hour, our kids still need to eat healthy foods and it doesn’t mean that easy to cook foods are unhealthy foods. In fact, it has the most nutrients. Here are examples of those:

Cereals-  Cereals are foods rich in vitamins, mineral, wheat and most of all fiber which aid in the proper digestion of foods. Eating foods high in fiber will prevent our kids to be constipated. You can add fruits to cereals such as bananas, berries and even nuts for additional protein.

There is a lot of cereal in the grocery store we can choose from. We should just choose the most high in fiber, minerals and nutrients which are seen in the nutrition facts.

Yogurts- Yogurts are also one of the healthiest food our kids can eat. You can also add fruits such as berries, bananas and even nuts. Sure your kids will love it.

Muffins that are made night ahead- As parents we murt remember the 2 factors that influence our kids to eat. One is the total appearance and the other one is the taste. That is why muffins are good for them because it tastes good and at the same time we could put something on it that could enhance the presentation. It is also healthy because we can make fresh fruit from it like banana and carrot muffin.

Foods from the fridge

It doesn’t mean that if it is breakfast, it should also be breakfast foods also. It all depends on your kid’s preference. Some kids may like to eat sandwiches and milk for breakfast. So, you may check the fridge for a boiled chicken and you may use it for your chicken sandwich. Just add a low-fat mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes. Pair it also with milk, juice or any smoothie, then it is now perfect for a fresh day to start

Full meal breakfast

Pancakes with fruits

If you have enough time to prepare your kid’s breakfast, well it’s good. You can still cook heavy meal such as:

Full package pancakes- Kids love pancakes and you can make it healthier by using wheat flour. You can also use low sugar maple syrups and pair it with fresh foods. A perfect partner for pancakes would be sausages or bacons.

Go carbs- Kids need carbohydrates for energy. You can prepare a full heavy meal such as rice, their favorite hot dogs, nuggets and sunny side up eggs.

Special tip:

As long as it is a good food for your kids, allow them to eat most especially because it is a good way for them to start their day. The most important is you make your kids decide what to eat in order for them to have an interest in what they eat.


 ”I think breakfast is the one meal when you don’t have to eat animal, maybe.”


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