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Healthy becoming Healthier

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:06pm
21 August 2009

As they say in Australia, I'm just being a sook. A winger. A whiner. Complaining.

I have used fitday before, and it is time consuming at first, but you will find you eat the same things a lot so it gets easier as time goes by. - Lucrecia

Does it let you put recipes in, that you can save and then the next time you have that meal, it's already in there? I love using calorie counting software once I've got the recipes in there. - Beth

Okay, okay, yes. You're right. It is only the first few weeks to enter in recipes, then it gets easier and less time consuming. This is my health, my weight, and my happiness on the line. I have to stop being a sook and get on with it! Like I said before, in the past I have been able to count calories for months at a time easily. I can do it again.

So I counted yesterday, and it's mid-day now, and I'm already seeing results. I'm down 1 lb from yesterday (not that it really counts though). I said "No thanks" to two beers I would have had (and have had) last week, and said "no" to extra food last night.

The biggest realization was that I had to eat extra food at lunch. What I guessed was 500 calories was 300 because even though it was a lot of food, it was healthy food and surprisingly low calories. So NO WONDER I have been having afternoon snack attacks! And after upping it to 450 (eating a 100 calorie rice cracker pack and an apple) I didn't even think about food during my usual binge time.

I didn't have much activity yesterday, just a 25 min walk, and haven't been able to run this week, or not as much as I wanted to. Judith and I are doing a 10k tomorrow morning though. And I decided to do 2 sets upper body and abs this morning after I dropped off kids at school (tv babysitter for Gracie) 15 min fast, and then off for a walk to the post office.

My healthy choices are already getting healthier.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. *sigh* I'm holding back tears, because I really love your kind words. Being so far from family, and not many close friends in a new country, it's such a good place to be able to run for advice. Thank you.

Please check out my site for supporting my 10k run next week. I'll be training to run it under 60 minutes, wish me luck. I'm doing it in 67 min currently, so I'll have to push it. Thank you!

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