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Health Goals for August! What is yours?

Posted Aug 03 2010 9:01am
I am definitely a goal kind of person. I work harder and more efficiently when I have a specific goal in mind. I am also a lot less likely to cheat if I know that doing so will knock me off track. My wonderful friend Sara and I set fitness goals for ourselves each month. Last month, our goal was to do an unassisted pull up! I have to be honest with you... when we set this goal I secretly thought, "there is no way I can do a real pull up all by myself." Guess what....we did it!! Sara, Alison, and I (after a lot of practice and sore biceps) all did a pull up or two completely by ourselves! I can't even begin to describe how excited I was.

This gave me an idea to start setting a health goal each month, and invite you all to join me. In honor of it being summer, (and the fact that I have been eating out way too much lately) I think our Health Goal for August should be; to eat fast food no more than 3 days a week.   This includes lunch and dinner! I know this seems harsh, but let's look at all the negative effects fast food is having on our health.

How Fast Food Effects Our Health:
  • Fast food is loaded with extra calories, fats and sugar- which all cause weight gain.
  • It is extremely high in cholesterol, salt, and trans fat. These three things cause high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and dangerously high levels of trans fat in the body.
  • Most fast food is completely void of any dietary fiber. This is what makes you feel full after a meal.
  • Many people consume sugar-rich colas along with their fast food which only worsens a bad situation.
  • Eating Fast Food on a regular basis can increase your risk of developing insulin resistance.
  • Fast food is also lacking in most major nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein; which leaves you feeling hungry, even after you consume a 1,000 calorie hamburger.

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