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He's come home, am I happy or sad?

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:38pm
Well our cat Patches has returned. If anyone reads PastaQueen's blog they know she was thinking of getting rid of her one cat in favor of her newest cat. Her post she wrote about Officer Krupke really hit home with me. I must admit I have mixed feelings on Patches being back. He came 12 yrs ago with hubby and hubby's other 2 cats. I had one sweet little Siamese kitty named Tinker who was already 8-9 yrs old at that time. My Tinker had her claws but hubby's 3 cats didn't. So he talked me into having my girl declawed so things would be fair. Anyway, from the day Patches moved in he terrorized my girl. She actually decided to live in our bedroom for almost 4 whole years. I hated it. Eventually my Tinker braved coming out but Patches still terrorized her sometimes.

Anyway, when my beloved Tinker got sick at age 17 (3 years ago) and I had to have her put to sleep I was devastated. I had had her since she was 6 weeks old. So I took it hard, she had been with me through a divorce, living on my own, dating, finding hubby, having my son, daughter, nephew. She meant so very much to me. So what did I do, I went out and got another cat that looked just like her. Of course Sassy wasn't my Tinker but being a Siamese she had similar personality traits and she helped ease some of my terrible grief.

But of course Patches hated her just like he hated my Tinker. Then we had the other 2 of hubby's cat that weren't use to her and hated her too. I felt bad for her but she was a trooper and unlike my Tinker I let her keep her claws so at least she could defend herself again the big bad bully Patches.

So with all this said, you can imagine I have mixed feelings about Patches being home. I felt sad for him that he was lost and out in the cold and hungry, thirsty, etc. But after 12 days of not having him in our house I got to feeling ok about him not being there. About my Sassy having free run of the house again. About not having to have a little box in our livingroom. The list goes on.

So he is back now. He's bone thin, looks like he's been through hell, tired, hungry and thirsty. He's been sleeping pretty much since I found him last night. Though I'm glad he's ok and not froze some where or dead on the road I hate to admit that I'm not sure I'm happy he's home. That sounds so terrible but it's how I feel.

I'd like to think maybe with his 12 day ordeal he will have a new appreciation of his home and the animals that live in it. He came to me last night and curled up in my recliner with me purring to let me know he loves me and was happy to be home. I do love the old grouch but I also love my Sassy. I hope he's turned over a new leaf. Well enough said about all that.

Hubby and I did make it to the gym last night. We did 60 mins of cardio then went to the grocery store and got in some more walking. I'm not sure hubby is going to do his last big workout but that's up to him. I plan on going tonight again to do cardio. It feels weird not doing the weight training but I'm going to follow the book and stick with taking this week off.

I did take a peek at the scale and it's moved a little but still not below that darn elusive 230. I know I will get there though.

I made chicken bbq in the crockpot last night so I'm looking forward to that today, yum. I also brought a nice bowl of my soup for lunch. Tonight I'll have to make more protein bars. With hubby eating them too we are going through them fast. But I'm glad he's eating healthier.

Well till tomorrow...
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