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Having a Tired Day

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm
For the past few days I have been feeling a little under the weather. Not full blown sickness but I've been feeling like something has been threatening on my stomach. I have been feeling nauseous from time to time and I haven't had a great appetite. Believe me, that is something that never happens me! So today I am just scaling everything back and taking it easy. I won't go to the gym today but I took a slow walk this morning and I might take another one later this evening. We are having beautiful weather so I am enjoying getting in that vitamin D. I am making nice wholesome food, nothing spicy or anything that could be rough on my tummy. I am roasting a chicken for dinner so that will fit the bill perfectly.

I feel very lucky to be able to take a slow day here and there. I know so many of you reading are working and/or are mothers and there is just no such thing. After that walk this morning I decided to take an orange and a glass of water out to my patio and enjoy it outside. As I sat there with the sun warming the left side of my face I thought of all you weight loss bloggers who are Moms or Dads, mostly working, some taking care of parents, many volunteering and I was just so humbled by how so many of you seem to do it all.

Losing weight is hard. There is no doubt about that. Sure making changes across our whole lifestyle helps us gain a little momentum and it feels easier some days but when we are at home alone eyeballing a chunk of bread, a bag of potato chips or a cookie, it may as well be the first day we started. Because I get to stay at home, have plenty of time for exercise, cook all my meals in my own kitchen and don't have kids yet, I feel so lucky to get to focus almost entirely on losing weight and leading healthier lifestyle. I think it is difficult so I know all you supermoms and dads, career focused and giving bloggers must be truly struggling.

Well you all deserve a shout out. Where do you guys find the strength to make it through each day and have so many successes? I am amazed and inspired.
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