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Have You Taken the Time to Measure Lately?

Posted Dec 07 2012 4:33am

It is human nature to measure things isn’t it? From ancient times people measured fields, crop yield, and weights of precious metals. In the modern times we measure buildings, distances, cost, height, and even shoe size.

I believe that we should be taking measure regularly.

What kind of measurements am I talking about? Physical body measurements of course! They can tell us:

1. Where we started.

2. Where we are now.

3. Where we would like to be.

Body measurements other than height can quickly change. Your height remains basically the same once you reach adulthood, but your weight and body measurements change. Sometimes they move higher and higher as you gain weight, but for those of us on the journey to reaching a healthier weight, your measurements will soon be shifting on a downward trend.

I’m a human too, and I totally understand the uncomfortable feeling in wrapping a tape measure around yourself, but I believe that it is a vital step in analyzing your current situation and giving you a benchmark for future progress.

I’m embarrassed to this day to admit that my waist was larger than 50 inches, and my hips were so large that I couldn’t fit a standard 60 inch tape measure around them. I had to use a string and then go back and measure the string with a metal tape measure. It was a bad day, but the process was an important step.

I wrote down my measurements on a Post-It note and stuck the sticky square in the bottom of a drawer where no one else could ever find it. I was embarrassed at those enormous numbers.

As I lost weight, and began to see long-awaited changes. I occasionally took stock of where I was by using the tape measure.  It was particularly helpful when I was in the throes of a weight loss plateau. I found so much encouragement to compare my current measurements to that yellow Post-It note hidden in my drawer.

If you haven’t already done it, please, please, please measure yourself today and write down all the measurements you take. Include measurements for:

Waist – taken at natural waist

Hips – taken about 8 inches below your natural waist

Thighs – taken at upper thigh

Wrist – pretty self-explanatory

Chest – taken at widest part of chest

Upper Arm – taken at widest part

Whatever Else You Want to Measure!

As you lose weight, so many of your body measurements will change, and it is really encouraging and even fun to see those changes. I found that my waist size shrunk from in the 50 inch range to about 28.5 to 29 inches, and my hips are now under 40 inches. WooHoo!

Even if you are at a healthy weight your body measurements can change through dedicated exercise and good eating.

John used to ask me “Where did all the rest of you go Diane? What happened to all the extra you?”

I used to wave him away and say, “I have no idea.” But I did know one thing for certain. I was glad that excess fat was gone and I had no desire to ever see it again!

Have you taken your measurements lately or tracked them throughout this process? Is measuring yourself a good thing for you?  Diane

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