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Have You Exapted (Yes, Exapted) the Function of Eating? Is That Why You’re Overweight?

Posted Jan 11 2013 7:06am

Do you eat when you’re not hungry because of an exaptation-like process? In evolutionary biology exaptation is a shift in the function of a trait during evolution. For example, bird feathers may have evolved originally for temperature regulation, then for display, and later for flight.

While your use of food for emotional reasons, for instance, might not be biologically evolutionary, it may be personally evolutionary; that is, it evolved over the course of your own existence. If you have exapted eating for emotional reasons, when in your life did this evolutionary shift take place? What made you make the shift in function? And, more importantly, for successful weight loss, can you reverse this personal evolution and restore the original biologically hunger-satisfying function to your ingestion of food?

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