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has anyone gained significant weight after bypass and then unexplicably significant weight loss begins again?

Posted by brnidgrl4u2

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Weight gain after bariatric surgery is common; read some of the blogs from people who have experienced it. The stomach can be stretched and consuming high calorie, low bulk foods like melted icream can increase calorie intake without causing distress caused by bulkier foods. But the reason for the increased calorie intake is that the emotional and situational issues that caused the weight gain do not go away just because the stomach is smaller. What you should do is seek help not just from a dietician or nutritionist but from a counselor who can help you figure out why you are eating more than you should. If you have emotional overeating issues or if you are on a medication that is making you eat more than you should, see if you can get my book, The serotonin power diet from the library. It will help you figure how to eat to take away emotional pain or the cravings caused by medication. 
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