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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted Nov 26 2009 12:00am
I hope everyone had a wonderful day with friends and loved ones, it's nice to take time out to give thanks for what is precious in our lives. Life happens and we get caught up in the things we don't have and we forget to truly appreciate everything that is present in our lives. This Thanksgiving was a mix of traveling for myself and the family, hubby's grandmother has been sick so instead of having her come out we decided to bring Thanksgiving to her house. It was more of a brunch than a dinner, which was nice to have a light meal early in the day with family. After visiting we headed over to my moms where my sister, brother-in-law and niece came up ( they live about 2 hours away) It was a fun day to spend time with each person. I really think having everyone at one place takes away from spending quality time with everyone, it's just to hard to focus on everyone in such a short time. Maybe this can become a new tradition : )

last night after work I decided to make my own pumpkin pie, ok let me explain you are looking at the girl who grew up on Mrs. Smith frozen pie. I had no clue what I was doing so I decided to take it easy and pefect the filling first (baby steps, right?) I did buy a frozen shell at the grocery store ( don't judge) and decided to go with a basic recipe from the famous Libby's can! I'm a huge pumpkin fan and always have a can on hand to mix into cakes, sauces, and even my daughters macaroni and cheese. It was so easy to make and the pie turned out perfect! ( even hubby liked it and he is VERY hard to convince that homemade anything is better than store bought- CRAZY!) I will never buy another pie, now I just have to find a perfect crust and I am set : )
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their evening and takes advantage of all the sales going on tomorrow, be careful though and don't get caught up in all the hype! Take your time and shop wisely. Walmart and Target are running incredible deals on toys, and electronics. If you're not into getting your hair pulled and knocked over so some woman can reach for the last zsu zsu pet check out they are also indulging in the Black Friday deals and have great discounts on products for everyonne of all ages. Have fun and be safe!

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